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Junior Naturalist

Picture this, you’re on this beautiful canoe trip and while you’re marveling at the migratory feats of our feathered friends, you enter some rough waters and before you know it, you’ve hit rocks and are now stranded on an island with only the most basic of survival materials. Learn about outdoor survival in our canoe trip gone…

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Wonders of Wascana

Wonders of Wascana! One of Wascana Centre’s hidden gems is the cricket pitch at Douglas Park. The pitch is home to the Cavaliers Cricket Club and is the centre of an amazing sports culture here in the Queen City. Check out the Cavalier’s website ( for more…

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The Great Trail Treasure Hunt

THE GREAT TRAIL TREASURE HUNT Trans Canada Trail (TCT) and the Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS) are joining forces again to invite Canadians to find hidden treasure along The Great Trail of Canada.This year, 200 treasure boxes – twice as many as last year – will be yours to find in every province and territory in Canada.…

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