Residents and visitors using Wascana Centre’s network of walking and ski trails may notice coyotes also utilizing the Centre this winter.

Coyotes have existed in Wascana Centre during the winter for decades without issue. They are a natural part of the prairie ecosystem and help control rodent populations in the park.

Wascana Centre would like to advise park patrons how to continue to positively coexist with these urban coyotes.

  • If a person finds themselves in close proximity to a coyote, do not run away; raise your hands above your head, yell and clap at the coyote to scare it.
  • Never feed or leave food for coyotes in the park, as this will lead to the animal losing its fear of humans and result in a potential problem-animal.
  • Dogs should always be on leash in the Centre. In a coyote encounter, small dogs can be viewed as a possible prey item if running free.